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Whelped 20 August 2009

Sire: Grand Champion Keaton Rockabilly Dam: Champion Keaton Stare If You Dare

Well ... what can we say? Cindy is the most wonderful little dog. Arken's best friend – a role she took upon herself the night he came home from quarantine and she snuck into bed with him to offer comfort to the young dog in unfamiliar surrounds. They are inseparable!

Cindy is a joy and quite honestly the leader of the Kesdar pack! She is also not too bad in the show ring having just about secured her title from very limited showing.

Her favourite pastime at Kesdar is babysitting the Boxer litters. She just loves leading the youngsters astray, cleaning them and teaching them how to destroy fluffy toys. A beautiful girl with a beautiful temperament who plays, eats and sleeps alongside a tribe of Boxers she treat like brothers and sisters.

Cindy tabled Cindy and Helen Cindy striding out

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