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Champion Kesdar Red Hot Rumour

Mr Deeks

Deeks at 6 months

Whelped 21 September 2013

Sire: Street Boxer's From Above Import Norway (Arken) Dam: Champion Kesdar Just A Rumour (Biscuit)

Now 2 years of age Mr Deeks has well and truly laid claim to being one of the best young Boxer dogs in Australia.

Deeks thrilled us in August 2015 winning Best In Show at the Boxer Association of Victoria Championship Show under judge, Nigel Rallings (Zenmaxkay Boxers UK). With a Royal Challenge, Best of Breed, Royal Puppy in Group and shortlisted at just 12 months for a Royal Best in Group, two Royal Reserve Challenges and amassing close to 500 Challenge points from very limited showing he certainly has been in the winners circle more often than not. His critiques from Boxer specialists tell the story ...

Dog Challenge and Best in Show.
Red/white dog of overall excellent type. Square outline, defined withers. Good head, with good proportions of muzzle, pigmentation, expression. Medium width straight bite. Free striding, strong driving movement with good top line. Showed very well and moved with some attitude..
Nigel Rallings Zenmaxkay Boxers UK

Another really nice dog. I loved how he moved around the ring. Typical head with well padded muzzle. Could have more chin. Dark expressive eyes, long neck and well laid shoulders. Good topline and hindquarters, lovely outline on the move.
Ann Ingram Tirkane Boxers Ireland

An absolutely wonderful combination of dad Arken and his super show girl mum, Biscuit. He has managed to inherit the best from both of them along with dad's obsession with always having a toy in his mouth and mum's happy, talkative nature.

Deeks hit the show circuit in 2014 winning multiple class and in show awards from Baby through to Minor and Puppy in Show at the 2014 Boxer Association of Victoria 60th Anniversary Championship Show. Winning his first Best of Breed the first weekend in Minor at just 6 months of age he did not look back taking on all the older, titled, supreme champions and imports along the way to win through to his Australian Championship at just 11 months of age.

Quality red and white dog of medium size, good balance between substance and elegance,
very good arched neck and holds a sharp level top line on the move. Easy going typical head
with excellent rise of skull and dark eye.

Mark Johnston Blueprint Boxers NSW Australia

Still a young dog, Mr Deeks has a very, very exciting future!

Deeks and his favourit tennis ball!  Deeks at 8 weeks

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