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Champion Kesdar Riding High


Champion Kesdar Riding High

Whelped 21 June 2004

Sire: Grand Champion Phoenix Harrison Ford  Dam: Tekrista First Edition

Fletcher has won many fans with his beautiful movement and outgoing personality. He has multiple Class in Group and Show wins from Baby Puppy to Open and as a mature dog has excelled at Specialty Shows. Fletcher was awarded a Sire of Merit from the Boxer Club of NSW having sired 7 Champions from 6 different kennels. A true testament to a stud dog but perhaps he is best summed up by the critique from the 2010 Boxer Association of Victoria Championship Show where as a 6 year old dog he won Runner Up In Show over an entry of 200 plus Boxers. Backing up from his Best in Show Specialty win the year before!

"My Dog Challenge and Runner Up Best In Show winner came from the Open Class Champion Kesdar Riding High, owned and bred by Davis and Keele. This was a six year old R/W stallion of a dog who oozed ring presence, stood foresquare on strong limbs. Dry clean head with a keen expression just the right amount of wrinkle when alert, correct eye shape, good stop and tilt of nose with evident chin and wide bite. When I ran my hands down his smooth yet muscular neck I got a sense of a powerhouse of a male, true front with width and depth and excellent spring of rib, well defined withers leading to a gentle slope of topline, good tailset with plenty of rear behind it. Strong quarters, excellent second thigh, when put to the task of moving all his body parts made moving effortless, when returning to me he finished with a perfect free stand and air of nobility."

2010 John Cormack, Sugarwood Boxers UK.

Fletcher's showing highlights are:

Fletcher is a wonderful boy who enjoys ruling the roost at Kesdar and is happily retired but as fit and as healthy as he was in his showing days. Every now and again the thought crosses our mind to bring him out again, just once more, so he can show the youngsters how to move around a ring!

Fletcher - Champion Kesdar Riding High SOM head shot Fletcher on the move Fletcher relaxing at home

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