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Champion Kesdar Kinda Hush


Champion Kesdar Kinda Hush

Whelped 18 February 2003

Sire: Champion Lambda Notta Joker Dam: Champion Yambuk Royal Gold

Maggie had a wonderful 2005 with many wins under local, national and international judges. She gained her title in March 2005, produced a litter of beautiful puppies and was back in the show ring winning again in 12 weeks. One of her outstanding wins in 2005 was the Bitch Challenge at Sunbury under Mr Brian Meyer (USA).

Maggie is long retired and enjoys nothing more than a wild romp around the paddocks and chasing Magpies with her best mate Peter and favourite mum Margot.

She is a beautiful companion, still fit and healthy who enjoys a ride in the car, a walk along the beach and a cuddle on the couch. Always the first to greet Margot in the morning when she sneaks up on her bed for a snooze before the day begins. She is much loved by Margot and Peter and of course us. We hope to have our Maggie-May around for a good while yet.

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