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Interested in a Kesdar Boxer Puppy?

Boxer puppies are very special and require dedicated humans in their life to ensure that all their needs are met. Boxers are energetic, strong willed and affectionate. They are house dogs that must be inside with the family and sleep inside. Yes they love the outdoors too and will willingly play outside and go for long walks and visits to doggy parks and beaches but when the family is all inside at night that is where your Boxer should be too! If you are not prepared to devote your time for the lifetime of your Boxer, if you are not prepared to play with, exercise, train, socialise and treat your Boxer with all the love a family member deserves throughout all stages of his life from cute baby and unruly teenager through to grey-faced geriatric then please consider buying a stuffed toy instead of a living, breathing, feeling, animal.

If you would like a Boxer to join your family then please call us and have a chat. We love Boxers and like nothing more than talking to like-minded Boxer lovers. We are happy to discuss the needs of a Boxer, answer any questions you might have and welcome all enquries ... even if you are not sure if a Boxer is right for you and just want find out a little more about the breed ... call us!

Please note we do not answer email enquiries about our puppies from people we do not know. If you would like more information call us in the first instance.

We also recommend you take a look at the Boxer Association of Victoria website that contains information about the breed, lists members who may have puppies and events where you can talk to breeders or owners about their dogs. Visit the Boxer Association of Victoria website.


Current Litters

The absolutely gorgeous Mischief whelped six beautiful babies on 15 December 2015. The sire of this litter is the stunning Canadian Champion Papageno's Arany Sarkany, Papa. Visit our News page for more photographs of the litter, Mischief and Papa.

Mischief and her six beautiful babies.

Future Litters

We have mated Scout, Ch Kesdar Dream A Little Dream and Mr Deeks, Ch Kesdar Red Hot Rumour! All going well we will know in early February if the mating was successful and if so puppies will be due early March 2016. Stay tuned for updates on this very exciting litter. Scout and Deeks are both fawn so the litter will be fawn only.

Previous Litters

Taylor and Jordy

Late Monday 30 December 2013 the beautiful Taylor whelped a litter of five healthy and strong brindle babies. With 3 gorgeous boys and two flashy girls Taylor is a very proud mum. Dad, Jordy, is pretty pleased with himself too! Just hours old the photos below show beautifully how content the brood and their super proud mum are.

Scout and Jackson

And on Tuesday 7 January 2014 our beautiful Scout (Ch Kesdar Dream A Little Dream) produced four super whelps. Two boys and two girls, the darkest of reds with wonderful deep black velvet masks. The photo below is of Scout and her babies only hours old.

Biscuit and Arken

On 21 September 2013 the beautiful Biscuit (Champion Kesdar Just A Rumour) whelped six stunning babies. Four boys and two girls. All healthy and strong. Both girls are lovely brindle and whites, one just like mum in colour the other darker. With the boys we have a lovely dark red and white fellow, a brindle and white fellow and two classic plain brindles. Biscuit managed the delivery with grace and strength. She is an attentive gentle mother and very proud of her new family. Dad, Arken (Street Boxers From Above Import Norway) is pretty chuffed too! Photo below is of Biscuit and hew newborn babies.

Biscuit and her new born babies

Biscuit and Arken's kids are growing so fast. They all have their special homes to go to when they are old enough and at least three possibly four of them are destined for the show ring! They are delightful, healthy and happy babies who love to play and all seem to have picked up dad, Arken's obsession with all things round and bouncy! Little Deeks below left, and Rumour and Bob below right just love the tennis ball. More photos of the kids are on the News Page!


Izzie and Arken

The beautiful Izzie (Pepper's sister) and Arken (Street Boxer's From Above Imp Norway) are the proud parents of seven gorgeous babies. Three girls and four boys. The babies were born on Wednesday 8 May and are healthy and content. Izzie is a picture of good health and is such a wonderful mother. The photo below is of the proud mum and her litter at 6 days of age.

Izzie and Arken's babies

Willow and Eddie

Our beautiful Willow, Kesdar Wind In The Willows (Kesdar Affair T Remember x Street Boxer's From Above) has produced 5 beautiful brindle boys to Eddie (Champion Galicar Contradiction Imp UK). Willow is the first of Arken's progeny to be mated and with his maternal side tying in very nicely with the English lines of Eddie this litter shows loads of promise. For enquiries about this litter please call us in the first instance we will not answer emails unless we have spoken to you in person first. Photos of Willow and her babies and the proud dad Eddie below.

Willow and her beautiful newborn babies

And now look at the beautiful boys at three and a half weeks of age! From left to right we have Quincy,
Jobe, Harvey, Chester and Bear.

Quincy at 3.5 weeks Jobe at 3.5 weeks Harvey at 3.5 weeks Chester at 3.5 weeks Bear at 3.5 weeks

Willow and Eddie babies are now 5 weeks of age. The photos of Quincy, Jobe, Chester and Harvey were taken at five and a half weeks. Little Bear was fast asleep at the time so we did not disturb him. Watch this space becuase a photo if him is sure to follow soon.

Willow and Eddie Babies at 5 weeks

Quincy at 5 and a half weeks  Jobe at 5 and a half weeks
Quincy left and Jobe right

Harvey at 5 and a half weeks Chester at 5 and a half weeks
Harvey left and Chester right

Willow (Kesdar Wind In The Willows) & Eddie (Ch Galicar Contradiction (Imp UK)

Willow at 22 months Eddie - Ch Galicar Contradiction Imp UK

Rebel's babies below have all grown up and are now happily living with their new families. Piper and Rj stayed with us here at Kesdar and will debut in the show ring this May!

Rebel and Archie babies a few hours old

The first Photo of Rebel and Archie's babies taken a few short hours after whelping.

Girl at 2 weeks Boy 1 at 2 weeks Boy 2 at 2 weeks Boy 3 at 2 weeks

And now at 2 weeks of age the individual shots from left to right. Girl, Boy 1, Boy 2 and Boy 3.


Two babies   Gorgeous babies

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