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Champion Kesdar Reckless Rumour


Rumour at 6 months

Whelped 21 September 2013

Sire: Street Boxer's From Above Import Norway (Arken) Dam: Champion Kesdar Just A Rumour (Biscuit)

Rumour, or Rooie as we usually to call her, is a delightful little girl. Very cheeky and naughty and all legs when you try and walk her on the lead. She bucks and lunges like a fresh young colt, legs in the air and all tangled up on landing. But she also has a sweet gentle side and likes nothing more than a quick cuddle on the couch, snatching a kiss or two and landing a few well placed licks of her own whenever the opportunity arises. Rumour took a bit of a back seat to her brother Deeks when they first hit the show ring but is steadily claiming back some ground with two recent Best Minor Puppy in Groups including Best Minor Puppy in Show at the Boxer Association of Victoria Open Show over her brother Deeks.

We are looking forward to campaigning Rumour and hope that very soon she will learn to keep at least two feet on the ground at the same time when moving her around the ring!


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